Cyber Monday

BIRMINGHAM,AL (WBRC) - Just as you thought you had recovered from fighting the crowds during Black Friday, get ready to throw some online elbows tonight starting at midnight.

That's the official kickoff to Cyber Monday, the day that has become the 1st or 2nd busiest online shopping day of the year.

A lot of brick and mortar stores opened early or offered Black Friday deals days in advance, and the same thing is happening online this year.

Best Buy, Staples, and Sears are just a few of the retailers who started big online deals on TVs, computers, or other electronics tonight.

For a couple of Birmingham shoppers, Cyber Monday might be renamed avoid-the-madness-Monday.

"They have more of the stock online and you can get it whenever you want it," said a shopper who identified herself only as Brittany. "It's easy and convenient and I can do it at home."

"I think mainly because it's so crowded and they don't like the traffic or fighting crowds it's just easier out of your home," said shopper Wendy Wright.

For an advance look at some of the Cyber Monday deals, check out one of these sites:




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