Alabama Woman "Just Knew" She was to be Kidney Donor

By Melanie Posey

GADSDEN, AL (WBRC) - If you ask Kelley Zeringue, she'll have no problem telling you.  "I do believe in miracles.  I do and this is living proof of that."

She's speaking of the life saving relationship between herself and 24-year-old Matt McCallum.  Their story began when they met in May.  Matt, who lived in Tennessee was going to work for the cheerleading company Kelley's husband co-owns in Gadsden.   While at a staff retreat, Kelley noticed Matt's scarred arm and thought it was broken.  She later learned he was on dialysis, waiting for a kidney.

"Before we even got home that night in the car, I told my husband...I think I'm a match,"  Zeringue recalls.  " And I just knew. I t was amazing."

The next morning, without Matt's knowledge, she called his doctors in Tennessee.  They immediately warned her that being a match was a long shot.

"But I called them and they let me do the first test and they called and said, that was a match.  And I said 'I know'."  Matt, on the other hand, was a match.

"I almost feel like I don't deserve someone to sacrifice for me," McCallum said from Tennessee.  "I'm a normal guy, nothing special...and that's a lot to give up for someone you don't know."

Matt's kidney problems began when he was seven.  By the time he reached 21, his kidneys had failed.  He was a newlywed who was going to dialysis three times a week, working three part time jobs and praying for a miracle.   Kelley, he says, was just that.

After four months of tests, they learned Kelley was  a perfect match.  Now, two weeks after surgery, both are recovering just fine.  Matt says he looks forward to buying a house, having kids.  Kelley is humbled that she could help.

"It's a blessing.  It's a true reward to know you followed through and because of that, someone's going to be able to live a normal life,"  Kelley says.  "God's blessing me so much more in giving me that opportunity."

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