Jasper faces foul water problem

By Ashley Nix

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Sentiments from people in Jasper aren't happy about a nasty smelling, bad-tasting water problem they're having.  According to Donna Jones, "It was a weird smell, nothing I've ever smelled before."

Chelsie Richardson says, "The water is nasty, yuck," Richardson says. "Just really sewage-like."

Mayor Sonny Posey agrees about the problem, as he's experiencing the water woes at his home and office.

"Does it smell good?  No ma'am.  Would I drink it?  Not on your life," said Posey.  "But I can use it if I want to, it is not unsafe according to ADEM."

The Alabama Department of Environmental Management has assured the mayor the water is safe.  And as he put it, "If ADEM says it's safe, I have no alternative to believe that it is."

General Manager of the Water Works says the reason for the bad smell and taste is a natural phenomenon called "inversion" when the bottom of the Warrior River turns to the top.

"This time apparently mother nature has allowed an algae bloom to occur," said Don Welch, of the Water Works.  "And with that were getting this taste and odor problems."

City leaders are asking residents to be patient.

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