Black Friday looks bright for local businesses

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - By Emily Luxen

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Birmingham area businesses are getting an early Christmas surprise in that people are spending money and business is picking up.

Several store owners town say they see customers who are more willing to spend money. That's exactly what they want to see headed into this holiday shopping season.

At Soca Girl in downtown Homewood, their manager said profits are up, new customers are more common and people don't seem afraid to spend money.

"We've had a great holiday season so far, and a good fall back-to-school season," said Roni Nuby. "Everything seems great so far, so we're excited about it."

Over in Birmingham's Five Points West, business is also steady.  The owner of Urban Stylz, Saleem Noorani, said sales are up 10% from last year. He's predicting a very successful holiday shopping season.

"This year, I see more a positive response from people," said Noorani. "They are trying to get relaxed and concentrate more on shopping and not worrying about money and the economy."

While sales are up, store owners said Black Friday will still be an important day for them. They will continue to run big sales and promotions to attract customers, but this year they are relying solely on the day to get them back in the black.

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