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Anniston police seek suspect wanted in store robbery and shooting

By Dixon Hayes

ANNISTON, AL (WBRC) - Anniston Police are looking for a robbery suspect who shot a store clerk.

The 71 year old clerk was a Vietnam veteran, shot the night of Veterans' Day, right in front of his 22 year old daughter.

Police on Tuesday released video of the man, walking around outside the store with a towel around his neck to mask his face.  The headlights of multiple cars can be seen in the background, which leads police Capt. Richard Smith to believe people who were driving by, saw him.

"We're going to catch him...and bring him to jail," Smith vowed.  He and store owner Jerry Alred both say JJ's Food Mart, at the intersection of 34th Street and Alexandria Road, has been robbed numerous times but police always caught the other bandits.

Police have not released video of what happened inside the store, but if they had, Alred says you'd see store clerk Jim Marcum fight the man off with a broom.  He recalls, "And when the guy turned and looked at his daughter, he walked up on him in his face like.  And he took that broom and tried to knock the gun out of his hand because he said he didn't want him to shoot her."

Marcum refused to hand over the money and consequently, the bandit left empty handed.  A passerby who happened to be a retired cop trained in medical procedures, helped the man's daughter stop the bleeding.  Marcum had been shot in the groin area and lost a lot of blood through a major artery.

Alred says Marcum is more than an employee, he's a close friend and very reliable.  "He's A1.  You could count on him for anything.  If you needed him to work last minute, he'd do it you wanted him to.  If you need him to stay longer, he'd do it if you wanted him to."

Police say they're tracking down several leads.  Anyone who may have seen anything in the area should contact the Anniston Police Department at 256-240-4000.

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