Prosecutors introduce more evidence in Russell murder trial

COLUMBIANA, AL (WBRC) – On Wednesday, prosecutors in the Ryan Russell murder trial focused on gun, shell casing and the gunshot wound as evidence of Russell's guilt.

Russell is accused of shooting 11-year-old Catherine Gillespie in the head and dumping her body in the trash can. Gillespie was a relative in the care of Russell.

Prosecutors focused mainly on a hat found in the room where Gillespie is believed to have been killed. A forensic firearms technician stated that a hole in the hat matches to the wound in Gillespie's head. The technician said the only way the pattern could have matched is if the gun was in direct contact with the victim.

The defense cross examined the technician by asking if the contact wound on the hat could have been made if a person holding the gun tripped and accidentally discharged the weapon. The defense has stated that it will try to prove that the killing was accidental.

On Tuesday, the trash can where Gillespie's body was stored was shown to the court.

At the pace of this trial, it is expected that the defense could call its first witness on Thursday.

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