Homewood to welcome new department store near Brookwood Village

HOMEWOOD, AL (WBRC) - By Jonathan Hardison

HOMEWOOD, AL (WBRC) - Homewood's mayor says the city will soon have a new Target store.

Mayor Scott McBrayer says the city is polishing the details on a deal to place the store next to Brookwood Village.

It's been known for weeks that this project was in the works because the city council passed a package of tax incentives for this project, but Homewood's mayor is ready to call this all but a done deal. Shoppers seem pretty excited about the idea.

The developer is Colonial Properties. They tell FOX6 News they aren't ready to make any announcements about the long-rumored project, but McBrayer says it's a go.

"We are continuing to move forward going through the process," McBrayer said. "We were in court a couple of weeks ago, and the courts have gone ahead with the validation process. So the city's doing it's part, we're still waiting on the developers, Colonial, to iron out some things for them, but things are on pace, I started to say on target, but things are going well for the city."

Asked if he's confident this project is a done deal, McBrayer said, "Yeah, I do. Anything can happen, but we're very confident. The council's been very supportive. We've all worked well together. We're excited in Homewood about this type of retail store coming to our area."
One consumer, Rachel Smith reacts, "Great news, actually. But traffic, I could see that being an issue. But I love Target, so think that's gonna be great."

That pull between a popular brand and the thought of putting more cars onto already-crowded Lakeshore Drive is something the city and developers are trying to address.

"A lot of the parking will be underneath the store, and the city of Homewood will be addressing traffic on Lakeshore and making some improvements that we need, and we've already done studies to assess that, so we feel like we're kind of ahead of the game on that," McBrayer said.

"Traffic it can't be a good thing. I travel back and forth on Lakeshore everyday," said Mt. Brook shopper Eddie Allan. "But for stopping on the way home to pick something up, it'll be great."

While the developers wouldn't confirm any details of the project Tuesday,  they did tell us they're hoping to make a concrete announcement about some of these specifics as early as the next 30 days or so.

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