Birmingham woman pulled over by fake police officer

By Melanie Posey

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - What would you do if you saw flashing blue lights in your rearview mirror?  Would you pull over? One Birmingham woman says she did so Saturday morning only to be confronted by a fake cop.  

She asked that her name not be given, but says she was travelling eastbound on Highway 280 when she went through a green light. 

"And I saw a vehicle approaching me quickly with flashing lights on the inside.  That's when I started thinking, what did I do wrong?  What's going on?"  

The woman says she pulled over and that's when a man wearing navy pants and a navy shirt got out of his truck and approached her car, yelling expletives and asking if she were drunk.  

"And he's like, do you know what the hell you could have just done?", the woman recalled. "You could have just cause a major accident, like the what (expletive) is wrong with you?"  

She says the man had a badge, but kept her from getting a good look at it.  She says he also never asked for her license and registration, but instead offered her some scary advice.  "You need to pull over, go to the parking lot, get out of your car, go in a shopping area or stand or sit in a parking lot," she remembers the man saying.  

She says she decided to go home instead but says the man continued to follow her for several miles before finally turning off.  

Mountain Brook Police Chief Johnny Stanley says they are not sure whether the man was really a police officer or not, but he has instructed his beat officers to be on the lookout for the truck, which the woman describes as white with a Samford Bulldog tag on the front.

Samford University Police Chief Mike Coppage says the truck nor the man fits the description of any of his officers or vehicles on duty at that time.

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