Auburn fans ecstatic after win against Georgia

AUBURN, AL (WBRC) - Auburn fans are in high spirits after a big win over Georgia. Saturday's victory secured the teams place in this year's SEC Championship. The Tigers will face off against South Carolina at the Georgia Dome December 4th.
Fans are obviously excited about the team's success and are praising Coach Gene Chizik's performance this year for taking the team on an undefeated run.

The Iron Bowl and Alabama await the Tigers in two weeks, then the SEC Championship and the potential for a BCS championship game.

"I think part of the fundamental effort that they've got behind them, the ambition, the drive, the momentum going into the game; it puts them over the top. They have a confidence I haven't seen in years and I think that's exactly what they need to do the job they've got ahead of them," said Auburn fan Andrew James.

If you are interested in the SEC Championship game, a search of several ticket websites revealed the cheapest single-ticket is $275.

Ticket brokers expect those prices will increase as both Auburn and South Carolina are both within easy driving distance of Atlanta.
This will be South Carolina's first trip to the sec title game and Auburn's first since 2004.

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