Church members cling to faith after fire

By Jonathan Hardison

TUSCALOOSA COUNTY,AL (WBRC) - A church whose building was destroyed by fire began rebuilding Sunday, at least spiritually.

The Revival Ministry Assembly of God building burned Tuesday night, but by Sunday afternoon, church members were ready to look ahead to what this could mean for their ministry.

Investigators still are not sure what started a massive fire that destroyed the building near McCalla Tuesday night. The bad news is the church didn't have insurance. The good news? What they lack in coverage they're trying to make for with faith.

On Sunday, the church put their faith into action with the help of New Life Assembly of God's building and the knowledge that the church goes on even without a building.

"We're all part of the Assemblies of God so we're the closest church to them so we opened our doors to them and said you're welcome to use our facilities while you're seeking some direction on moving forward," said Chad Payne, pastor at New Life.

Revival Ministry's 50 or so members are now counting on the Lord's help and donations to try and rebuild what the flames took.

"This is an opportunity for us to be the church, to reach out to the folks who are in need and hurting and offer Christ's love and stand with them in their time of need," Payne said.

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