Mummy CT scans revealed at Anniston museum

ANNISTON, AL (WBRC) - By Dixon Hayes

ANNISTON (WBRC) - She's been around for some 2,300 years, and in Anniston for the last 80.  But on Veterans' Day, visitors to the Anniston Museum of Natural History finally got to see what's under the wrappings of one of their mummies.
Tasherytpamenekh (as her name was revealed in the 1980s) was transported in August to the Northeast Alabama Regional Medical Center Tyler Center for a 64 slice CT Scan on a Phillips Scanner.  On Veterans' Day, a standing room only crowd of children and adults jammed the museum's auditorium to see the first images of the woman.
The museum acquired the two mummies from a man at a Philadelphia Expo in the 1920s, and was told the two were a mother and daughter.  But 1970s X-rays gave the impression both were in their late 30s.
However, the CT scan of this particular mummy revealed she lived to be in her late 20s, and was apparently in excellent health.  She even had all of her teeth.  What they couldn't find was a cause of death.
Tasherytpamenekh was chosen for the scan because the other, still unnamed mummy had a crushed pelvis. 
Admission to the museum was waived all day Veterans Day so children who were out of school could take advantage of "the Big Reveal" and also check out the museum's many other exhibits.
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