Riley ready to deal with ethics reform before term ends

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - By Jonathan Hardison

BIRMINGHAM (WBRC) - Governor Bob Riley said Wednesday he is ready to call a special session of the legislature to deal with ethics reform before his term ends, but he won't do it unless he's sure a strong reform package will pass. The governor says negotiations to write that ethics bill are going on now and he's hopeful.

Democratic representative John Rogers says his party supports ethics reform but is skeptical of the timing.

"The timing of this is ridiculous," Rogers said. "Why are you going to charge money when Bentley's already said he's gonna have a session within the session? There's not a fight about it, why call a special session?

The governor says legislators who opposed reform were voted out, and that gives him an opening.

"Now that those impediments have been moved out of the process, I really think it's incumbent on Republicans and Democrats to go in now and say 'this is going to be different," Riley said.

Riley agrees with Governor-elect Robert Bentley that the new ethics laws need to be the toughest in the nation.

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