ESPN reporting newest "pay to play" allegations against Cam Newton

AUBURN, AL (WBRC) - New allegations have risen against Auburn quarterback Cam Newton.
This time, the allegations center around phone conversations about the alleged "pay to play" scandal we heard about just last week. The latest allegations come just a day after Newton, Auburn Coach Gene Chizik and the University of Florida shot down claims that Newton cheated while in Gainesville.

These latest allegations come from an ESPN report. According to the report, Newton and his father each had a phone conversation with a Mississippi State recruiter that acknowledged a pay-for-play arrangement for the prized recruit. In one conversation, ESPN's source says Cecil Newton said it would take "more than a scholarship" for his son to attend MSU. In another conversation, Cam called another recruiter saying his father selected Auburn because "the money was too much."

ESPN says Mississippi State compliance officials relayed the alleged conversations to the SEC in January. These new allegations surfaced after Tuesday's news conference with Cam Newton and Head Coach Gene Chizik.

On Tuesday, Newton refused to discuss the allegations of academic cheating, saying he did not want to beat a dead horse. "It's a lot of speculations, rumors...and I'm going to stand up here and entertain it," quipped Newton.

The usually reserved Chizik went into an emotional 4:25 rant. "Quite frankly, I'm up here on a very important week trying to defend something that's garbage," said Chizik in his weekly news conference. "Is there a wizard behind the curtain?  I don't know.  Is there two? Is there 10?  I don't know and I don't care."

All of this has now drawn the attention of federal investigators. TMZ is reporting that the FBI wants a meeting with the former MSU quarterback who started this story. John Bond's attorney tells TMZ the feds want to know if "young men are being shopped to colleges."

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