Marine returns home to meet baby daughter

By Melanie Posey

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - When Marine Lance Corporal Bobby Burns arrived at the Birmingham Airport Tuesday, it was more than a homecoming.   It was an introduction of sorts.  Burns was meeting his new baby daughter, Effie Rose, for the first time.  

"All I saw were pictures throughout the seven months and now I have a lot of time to spend with her," Burns said.  "I'm pretty excited."  

Burns was serving overseas in Sangin, Afghanistan when his wife Ashley gave birth.

"With him being away, I took a little peace in knowing I had a  piece of him with me," Ashley said as she held her daughter.  "So it was kind of nice, but it's good to have him back home."

Bobby Burns joined the Marines in his late twenties.  Feeling he got somewhat of a late start, he was excited about his chance to serve.  But while in Afghanistan, he saw the work of the Taliban first hand when a convoy he was travelling in was hit by roadside bombs.  

"We got out of the vehicle to check on the first vehicle and my commander stepped on an IED five feet from me."  He and several of his comrades suffered concussions but were eventually okay.  

He will receive the Purple Heart because of his service but says right now, he looks forward to spending time with his wife and child.

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