Newton faced expulsion at Florida

AUBURN, AL (WBRC) - New information has been released about Auburn quarterback Cam Newton and his departure from the University of Florida. is reporting Newton had three instances of academic cheating while at Florida.

It has been less than a week since allegations were made about the recruitment of Cam Newton and now more accusations are coming out about what kind of student the football star was at Florida. says Newton faced expulsion from the university after he violated Florida's honor code by putting his name on another student's paper and turning it in. The website reports that Newton was given the chance to take another stab at it and turn in a second paper, but that paper was later found to have been purchased off the internet. All of this reportedly happened after he was arrested in 2008 for stealing a laptop from another student's dorm room.

The site says Newton was set to appear before Florida's student conduct committee in the spring semester of 2009, but instead he transferred to Blinn College in Texas.

These latest allegations come less than a week after claims that a sports agent shopped Newton around for six figures to Mississippi State. The NCAA is reviewing the matter.

Sports radio host Paul Finebaum was quick to weigh in on the new allegations. "Why don't we check and see if perhaps he still has an outstanding library book from the fifth grade. Where was all this earth shattering information until now. It's apparent now that several people in college football are determined to bring him down," said Finebaum on Tuesday morning.

Newton is still eligible to play at Auburn. 

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