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Republicans take control of Alabama legislature

By Alan Collins

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Alabama Republican lawmakers are now calling the shots in Montgomery.  

After Tuesday's election, Republicans now control both the state House and Senate.  State voters said Wednesday they hope the change will benefit the state and help clean up allegations of corruption.

"Exactly what they they campaigned for," Ron Gasier said. "Cut out all of this bogus money. This transfers wealth from the common man and working guy."

"I think there needs to be a change obviously," Chasity Story said.

"Optimistic," Anna Floyd said. "All we can do is look up and pray to God things are going to be fine."

"I think they will do all right," David Bell said.

Sen. Scott Beason, (R) Gardendale, a long-time Robert Bentley supporter, wants to be Pro Tem in the Senate.

"I want to be a Republican leader," Beason said. "I want to do what we are talking about, fulfilling our promises."

Beason agrees there is a split in the winning party over who should be the leaders in the House and Senate. This stems back to lawmakers who supported Bradley Bryne over eventual winner Bentley.

"I do think there is a schism," Beason said. "It has softened lately. We all got on the same team recently. The goal is to bring all the factions together."

Rep. John Rogers, (D) Birmingham, head of the legislative black caucus, said Wednesday white Democrats and the caucus can play a role in the new legislature.

"The cows have come home to roost," Rogers said. "So therefore, we have got to learn to get along together. Give and take, and share government."

Rogers said the Democrats could sway who wins the leadership positions in both the House and Senate.

Thursday, Republican lawmakers are scheduled to meet in Montgomery to decide who will be their leaders of their caucuses.

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