Railroad Park robbery victims speak out

By Sherea Harris

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Last week's Railroad Park robbery victims are now talking about the experience and how they feel about the security at the new downtown park in Birmingham.

Four men were out running when they were robbed at gunpoint in the park. The suspects only got away with a cell phone. Police reviewed surveillance tape from the twenty security cameras positioned throughout the park, but there are still no suspects.    

The robbery victims do not want to be identified for their protection and they are angry they were robbed at gunpoint.  Though it was after dark, they felt safe at Railroad Park because of the visible security and surveillance cameras.

It was in the skateboarding area three black men approached the victims. "The guy with the gun he said 'Empty your pockets, give me everything you got.' Then the other guy said 'empty your pockets or we are going to start blasting,'" one of the victims told Fox6 News.

It has now been a week and there are no suspects. One the victims says he is disappointed in the park's efforts to keep people safe.

"The perpetrators weren't picked up on camera at all and they have cameras at the park," said another victim. "That's unbelievable. The fact that you have security and cameras and we were still held at gunpoint."

The robbery victims have been back to the park since the incident but they won't come after  dark. One of the victims is a licensed gun owner and says he's thinking about carrying a gun with him to the park. He said, "It's possible I would just for my own precautions, because I know what it feels like to be held at gunpoint."

Since the robbery there's been more of a police presence at the park. The executive director of the Railroad Park Foundation says the additional police presence has been the good thing that has come from such an unfortunate incident.

"Yes, we are seeing a lot more police presence within the boundaries of park as well as outside on segues and smart cars," said Katherine Estes Billmeier.

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