Gubernatorial candidates move through Birmingham on last campaign day

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) – The two men looking to take the title of Alabama's governor briefly stopped in Birmingham on Monday.

Dr. Robert Bentley and Ron Sparks made stops at the private airport of Atlantic Aviation at almost the same time in the morning. The two did not meet during their brief visit.

Ron Sparks took the time to find votes among lottery supporters. "This is the last shot for the state of Alabama to see a candidate pushing a lottery the way I have pushed the lottery in my campaign," said Sparks. He added that if he does not win, another vote on the lottery is very unlikely to happen.

Dr. Bentley disagreed on Sparks' statement. Bentley says a gambling bill that is not influenced by gambling interests is something he could see in the future.

The doctor was also quick to remind those at the airport that his campaign is not about gambling. "It's going to be about changing the state of Alabama once and for all," said Bentley. "We will honor their vote and govern right." Bentley says he plans to focus on jobs and then on ethics.

Ron Sparks says he feels Bentley has still not been completely ethical in his campaign. Sparks said he believes Bentley has not been fully truthful about reporting campaign contributions given to the Bentley campaign by the Alabama Education Association.

Many polls in the race have shown Bentley with a favorable lead over Sparks. Ron Sparks though says his internal polls have placed the candidates at dead even.

Both candidates say they will work with the opposing political parties if elected.

Candidate for Lt. Governor, Jim Folsom, Jr., was also at the same private airport. Folsom faces opponent Kay Ivey for the position. He says he expects the legislation in Alabama to represent a more even split between Republicans and Democrats.

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