Homeland Security Center trains 100,000th resident trainee

ANNISTON, AL (WBRC) - The Homeland Security Center for Domestic Preparedness is celebrating another milestone: its 100,000th resident trainee.

The center has actually trained more than 500,000 first responders (which it celebrated last year, in fact).  But this week marked the 100,000th time a student lived on campus during that training.
The student in question, Jenni Goodman, is an administrator and instructor from Providence/St. Vincent's Medical Center in Portland, Oregon.  She's a native of Alaska who was once a neighbor of the late Alaska Senator Ted Stevens.  This trip was her fifth to Anniston, and she credits the staff with the impressive milestone.

"It's all the staff, and the people and the instructors, the administrators, the people that brought this to us," she told Fox6 News.

The CDP was conceived in the wake of the Tokyo Subway nerve gas attacks, and opened in 1998.  It is located at what used to be the chemical school of the former Fort McClellan army base.  Police officers, firefighters, paramedics and other first responders from all over the world come to the CPD at the federal government's expense.  They learn to deal with crises ranging from 9/11 style terror attacks to tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, even earthquakes.

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