Drivers respond to good Samaritan's tragic death

HOOVER, AL (WBRC) - By Sherea Harris

HOOVER, AL (WBRC) -  Brent Mitchell, 42, died crossing I-65 in Hoover Wednesday night.
He was trying to help a truck driver, whose 18-wheeler was on fire.

Mitchell did not realize he was on a bridge, and jumped over a barrier and fell to his death.
Mitchell's story might make you think, "What would I do?"

Would you stop on a busy interstate to help someone in a life or death situation?

Authorities say doing so is someone's personal choice, but you need to evaluate the situation first.

Responding to an accident on the interstate is dangerous for trained emergency personnel. So authorities say people need to understand the risk they are taking in that situation.

There are signs prohibiting pedestrians from being on the interstate because it's too dangerous.
Shea Ludgood says, "It does cause you to think twice, but then you always want to be helpful to somebody."

"If you are going to try to save someone else's life consider your own safety first, your own ability to get it done," said Ethan Patton

Authorties say calling 911 is the safest thing you could do if you see someone in trouble on the interstate.

Sakari Jarvela said, "I've been in situation where you don't have time to think."

Brent Mitchell's tragic death wouldn't stop Sakari Jarvela from doing exactly what Mitchell did… trying to help someone in trouble on the interstate.     

He's a truck driver of 37 years and he says he's rescued accident victims without ever considering his own safety first.

"An 18-wheeler flipped right in front of me," said Jarvela. "I kicked the windshield out of the truck and dragged him out of there. I think your blood gets flowing. You get excited and do what you have to do."

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