Sovereign Citizens Group members served with grand jury indictments

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) – The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office says they have arrested two men after an investigation by several local law enforcement offices.

62-year-old Donald Joe Barber and 34-year-old Donald Jason Barber face charges stemming from actions made against law enforcement officers and criminal law officials during routine encounters. Investigators say the suspects would use threats and intimidation in the form of false liens, arrest, trial and imprisonment of the law enforcement officers.

The Jeffco Sheriff's Office says the tactics are known to be used by a group called the Sovereign Citizen's Group. The Group is known to believe all forms of government as invalid and believe they are immune to laws as ambassadors of their own personal government and country. The Sheriff's Department says Sovereigns are known to engage in "paper terrorism" whenever laws are enforced against them.

The investigation is ongoing and more arrests may be made.

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