135th welcomed home from Afghanistan

By Melanie Posey

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - It was a happy homecoming for 250 Alabama National Guard troops on Wednesday.  Members of the 135th Expeditionary Sustainment Command returned home after serving a year in Afghanistan.  

Before heading overseas, however, the group went through training at Ft. Hood. They were there when a deadly shooting happened on base that left 13 people injured and dozens others wounded, including Major Randy Royer of the 135th.  He was honored by one of his commanding officers when Lt. Col. Bradley Tanksley gave him a combat patch earned by serving in war.  

"He's part of us.  He didn't get to go.  So I wanted him to have one."  Royer chose not to talk about his injuries but instead, focused on his comrades.  "Today's about them," Royer said.   "I'm so glad they're back."     

The 135th was responsible for moving people, mail, currency, cargo, unit equipment for more than 30-thousand soldiers while serving overseas.

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