Deputies suspend search for a man in Narrows community

By Katie Herrera
CHELSEA, AL (WBRC) - Residents in the Narrows area were still a little concerned Tuesday, after the search for a suspect ended Monday night without an arrest.
"My, I turned on my front lights, my back lights. I locked my door. And we made sure everything was okay," said Cynthia McKenzie, remembering her actions from Monday night.
McKenzie was one of many Shelby County residents who got word that the Sheriff's Office was asking folks to secure their homes because a suspect was on the run in the Narrows community.

That suspect was Johnathan Earl Baker, 23, of Columbiana.
Baker was pulled over for a traffic stop at Highway 280 and Shelby County 41. During the stop, Baker fled on foot.
FOX6 spoke with the Shelby County Sheriff's Office Tuesday. They said because Baker fled and they did not know why, it was standard procedure to activate a search and alert the community.
A few hours later the search was called off, without Baker in custody. Many residents were left concerned.
"The call I got was, it's flashing on the web for the Sheriff's Office. Well, okay. Then the next thing we hear is it's being called off. We're like wait a minute, what about us," explained McKenzie.
Sheriff's officials said based on Baker's history, he is not considered violent. They also do not believe Baker is in the area anymore.
"It doesn't bother me too much, because I figure if somebody was out running around, he's probably long gone by then," said Barney Schmidt, a Narrows resident.
Some neighbors, however, are still a little nervous.
"It makes me nervous because anybody could just push the door in on me. What am I going to do?" said Tonya Pharo, a Narrows resident.
Baker is wanted on probation violation and other misdemeanor warrants.

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