Hail pounds and damages property during storm

DORA, AL (WBRC) - By Ashley Nix

DORA, AL (WBRC) - "It sounded like something similar to being under some kind of heavy artillery fire."  That's how a hail storm in Dora is described by two people.  Storm chasers, Brett Adair and Eric Parker, were caught in the middle Sunday night.

Imagine,  it's barely raining, and all of the sudden you hear pounding on your car.

"It was intense for a few minutes, we didn't know if we were going to be safe in the vehicle," Brett Adair said.  Especially when they saw holes and cracks in their windshield.  "Then, when the windshield starts cracking and it shows no signs of stopping," Eric Parker said.  "You start to get a little bit worried."

Adair and Parker are professionals and took post on Corridor X near Dora. They've been storm chasing together for years, but the severity of the hail surprised the seasoned duo.

"It started out with hail the size of dimes, golf balls," Adair said.  "Then we had even larger, up to baseball size."

A day later, their SUV shows plenty of evidence.  "It looks like a bunch of golf balls fell on the hood at 100 mph just making dents all over the place, the roof looks the same."

Dozens of dents all over the truck, a huge gash on the side.  Another surprising sight was cars driving through the hail storm.  Parker believes it could've been deadly.  "Not only scary for someone on Corridor X, but also life threatening, because going at 60(mph) down the highway instead of being parked, they can come through the windshield," Parker said.

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