Severe weather alert from J-P Dice

Birmingham, AL (WBRC) - After months of relatively quiet weather, things are changing and changing quickly here in Alabama.  We should brace ourselves for a significant threat for strong to severe storms tonight.  You may have noticed this afternoon - the temperatures began to warm and conditions were a little bit more muggy as a southerly breeze began transporting moisture from the Gulf of Mexico.  The unstable air will combine with fast-moving low-level winds tonight giving us a good chance of rain, high winds, lightning and even isolated tornadoes.  The Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma has outlooked much of the Fox 6 viewing area for a chance of severe weather.

The best time frame will be after 10pm and through early Monday morning.  The tornado risk should lessen at 8am with a chance of damaging winds through at least noon. Areas west of I-65 are particularly at risk for experiencing some active weather.  You need to pay particular attention to the weather late tonight if you live in Pickens, Tuscaloosa, Lamar, Marion, Fayette, Walker, and Winston Counties. The airmass will be a bit drier in East Alabama keeping the atmosphere a bit more stable and less at risk for severe weather.

The Fall months tend to be very active in Alabama when it comes to severe weather.  In fact, some of the more signifcant tornado events have occurred during October, November, and early December. I would like to remind everyone to make sure they have their NOAA weather radio on tonight.  If you do not have a NOAA weather radio, it would be a good idea to have someone stay up and check the weather periodically.  If you live in a mobile home, it would be a good idea - especially if you live in West Alabama - to stay with a friend or relative in a more sturdy structure.

The entire Fox 6 Storm Warn team will be working together to keep you informed on this significant weather event.  Join Meteorologists Fred Hunter and Wes Wyatt tonight and myself along with Mickey Ferguson early tomorrow morning.  You can also follow the weather on as well as the weather blog at

Stay weather alert!

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