Racial slurs written on family's car in Moody

By Katie Herrera

MOODY, AL (WBRC) - Carla Bandergrift woke up Saturday morning and got ready for her workout class as usual. But when she walked outside, her son noticed something.

"My son was getting in the car with me, and said 'Mamma, something's written on daddy's car,'" explained Bandergrift.

Racial slurs were written across the windows of her husband's car in window chalk.

Bandergrift described the feeling of seeing the vandalism, "It's like you're powerless."

Bandergrift said it's a problem that's been going on for a while, but this time it was taken to a new level. She said her son, a Moody High School lower classman, has had trouble with other boys calling him "oreo" and other racial slurs, even making threats toward him.

"Well, there's this little girl in the neighborhood who likes my son. And she's white. And the little white boys threaten him. They told him that if they got him by himself, they were going to beat him up," said Bandergrift.

Saturday afternoon, the Bandergrifts were able to wash away the hateful words from the car windows. They hope that setting a positive example of tolerance and peace will eventually wipe away the problem.

"It starts at home with the parents," explained Bandergrift. "I come from a mixed family. I have Japanese, white people, my brothers are married to different races. But to go through something like this, I didn't even know it existed for real. It's 2010."

The Bandergrifts filed an official report with the Moody Police Department. A sergeant told FOX6 the department was pursuing suspects who could face criminal mischief charges.

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