Car crashes into fire station

By  Jonathan Hardison

ALABASTER,AL (WBRC) - A volunteer fire department in Alabaster is out of service tonight after a car crashed into their fire station. Homeowners in the Saginaw Volunteer Fire department coverage area will have to rely on help from other departments tonight and for days to come while firefighters try to get their trucks back in service. Fire officials say about 1:40pm Sunday a black Jeep was heading west on Highway 26 when it crossed over the yellow line and ran through this parking lot right into the front doors of the Saginaw volunteer fire department. "I knew exactly where it was, but they didn't tell us it hit our station," said James Henderson, Assistant Chief for Saginaw Fire. "They paged it out as a motor vehicle accident, check for injuries." Firefighters treated the driver and then began trying to figure out how to handle the damage to their home base. "We certainly didn't need this, that's exactly what I thought," Henderson said. "We didn't need this, is the station safe to go in and out of, how am I gonna prove it's safe so I can send my people in there to salvage what we can?" Both of the department's trucks are out of service, and firefighters couldn't even get in to assess the damage until an inspector came to decide if their building is structurally safe. For now, the department will rely on help from 4 surrounding fire departments to cover calls in their district. We still have firefighters that are trained, we still have emergency responders that are trained, and they'll run their personal vehicles to calls," Henderson said. "We managed to salvage our rescue truck, it came out unscathed so we'll still be able to run our medical, but we'll lean heavily on our mutual aid."The driver of the jeep was taken to a hospital with minor injuries - we don't know the driver's identity - the accident is under investigation. The building and trucks are insured, but the fire department says even if the trucks are repaired soon, they may have to operate out of a donated barn for a while. If you'd like to help the department, you can call them at (205)664-7711.

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