Bullets fly as man narrowly escapes robber

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Bullets were flying at a Birmingham gas station, but they did not hit the intended target. The would-be victim says he stopped on his way home when he says he almost became the victim of a robbery.

Just after midnight, Jeff Edwards says he stopped at a Chevron on First Avenue North, near Eastlake Park. Edwards says he stops at the store all the time after work to pick up a few things before heading home. Early Thursday morning, as he walked back to his vehicle, he was approached by a man wearing a bandana. Edwards says the man tried to rob him.

"As I came out the store somebody was hiding behind the building there and they stepped out from behind the building, cocked their .45 and said 'you know what it is' and I said 'hey, man I don't have anything.'"

Edwards says the gunman got in the front seat of Edwards car and told him to get in the back.  When Edwards tried to jump out, the gunman shot at him, hitting the car several times but missing Edwards.  He then took off running and the store clerk called the police.

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