Teacher injured in incident at Parker High School

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - A teacher at Parker High School was injured in an incident in the parking lot of the school after she discovered two boys breaking a window in her car.

The incident happened Friday, Oct. 8. Michelle Chapman, a spokesperson for Birmingham City Schools, said in a statement Wednesday to FOX6 News the unnamed teacher heard a noise outside the building in an area where the teacher parks her car. The teacher went to investigate and found two boys had broken a window in her car.

Chapman said the teacher attempted to grab one of the boys when the other boy threw a rock at her, grazing her in the head.  Both boys then ran off of school grounds.

Chapman said the teacher had a bump on her head and was taken to the emergency room, but the bump did not require treatment.

Chapman said the teacher was unable to identify the boys and no one has determined whether the vandals were students.

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