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Concerns over possible sale of county nursing home

By Alan Collins

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - There is concern about the possible sale of the Jefferson County owned nursing home.  

Tuesday is Mary McCullough's 79th birthday. McCullough has been at the Jefferson County Rehabilitation and Health Center for three years. She doesn't like to hear it could be sold.

"When you can't take care of yourself, this is the place to be and there are so many people here who don't have another home," McCullough said. "I don't have a place to go myself."

Helen Terry, 72, says most of the residents believe a sale will lead to big changes.

"That it will change and be different than it is now," Terry said.  "They have been good to us. It's a good place. They have been real nice to us."

Tuesday, the Jefferson County Commission voted to go forward with the sale, seeking request for proposals until Nov. 30.

"My thing is public tax dollars should not be subsidizing that operation," Commission President Bettye Fine Collins said. "We should not be in that business."

Commissioner George Bowman, who oversees the county home, objects and wants everything put on hold.

"I don't believe we needed to rush to judgement," Bowman said. "There is a rush to make the sale. A rush to push this process through."

The request for proposals will be back on November 30, so it will be up to the new Jefferson County Commission to decide what will ultimately happen to the county home. McCullough and others here have a simple message for those commissioners.

"Just keep it like it is," McCullough said.

"Please don't make a change," Terry said. "Everyone is happy."

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