Birmingham police focus on domestic violence suspects

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The Birmingham Police Department celebrates October as "Domestic Violence Awareness Month." First on the agenda for the BPD is a sting where dozens of officers took to the streets overnight to serve about 100 domestic warrants.

Chief A.C. Roper says the Birmingham metro area has seen more domestic violence cases turn deadly or become serious assaults. On Tuesday, the department sent a message to those who have committed domestic crimes: domestic violence won't be tolerated!

Starting at 3:00 a.m., ten teams of Birmingham police officers went to homes and businesses serving domestic violence warrants. Several arrests were made.

Chief roper says these cases can be hard to settle because of family dynamics. However, he says that does not affect the work they are doing.

"We have to enforce the law and we expect people to abide by the law, especially in these domestic violence situations where we may have children involved," said Roper. "You have these family dynamics involved where, quite often, the victim may be a repeat victim and the offender might do this stuff over and over.  So it's important that we intervene to the best of our ability."

Jefferson County says they get 400 domestic violence calls a month.  Just last month there were 8 domestic violence related deaths within three days.

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