Hueytown team escapes injury after bullet strikes bus

FAIRFIELD, AL (WBRC) - By Emily Luxen

FAIRFIELD, AL (WBRC) - Fairfield police have arrested a juvenile they believe is responsible for shooting at a school bus being used by the Hueytown High School football team. Hueytown had just defeated Fairfield High Preparatory School 48-47 when the shooting happened.

Hueytown players were sitting on the bus, ready to head home, when a single bullet hit a rail on the side of the bus. Coaches said if the bullet hit just a few inches higher, it would have gone through a window and potentially hurt someone.

Fairfield's acting Chief Leon Davis said a group of juveniles were hanging out near the school, and officers think the bullet came from their direction.  Davis said it is unfortunate the event happened after a great game.

"We display great sportsmanship on the field," said Davis, "Let's show that off the field. Lives are too valuable to be lost over a football game or any game."

Hueytown coaches and players said they were relieved no one was hurt and the situation was handled smoothly.

"Kids are resilient," said Hueytown's Coach Matt Scott, "It helped that our principal was on the scene quickly, so were administrators from Jefferson County. Really everything was handled textbook."

Scott said there is no plan to increase security or change the procedure around the team's road games, and he believes the incident was random and unfortunate.

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