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More indictments may be coming in state gambling probe

By Alan Collins

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The political rumor mill is running at high speed.

Websites like Doc's Political Parlor are suggesting more indictments are coming soon in the statehouse corruption probe of state government. UAB political pollster Larry Powell said Monday he is very aware of the speculations.

"There are rumors flying faster than newspapers and TV can cover them," Powell said. "It's hard to tell which ones are true."

Last Monday in Washington, D.C., U.S. Justice Department officials announced indictments against 11 people, including four state lawmakers, three lobbyists and electronic casino owners Milton McGregor and Ronald Gillley. The FBI official over the investigation said then the probe was far from over.

"The investigation is ongoing,"  Kevin Perkins, Asst. FBI  Director said. "The FBI and it's partners will continue to investigate allegations of public corruption to insure persons placed in positions of trust by citizens of Alabama accountable for their action."

Alabama Sen. Jabo Waggoner, the state senate minority leader, said he expects more arrests will be coming.

"This is an ongoing investigation," Waggoner said.  "I know for a fact there are other lawmakers  being talked to, looked at, interviewed. This is not over."
Some political candidates are already using the indictments and allegations of public corruption in their campaign ads. Powell said these candidates have to be careful with this type of message.

"Most of the legislative candidates are going to have to fine something else to distinguish themselves from their opponents," Powell said.

Until more indictments are released, a number of  state officials may be left wondering just where the Justice Department will strike next.

"We will follow the facts where ever they land and root out corruption where ever we find it," Lanny Breuer, Asst. US Attorney, said.

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