Wild hogs roaming Gardendale community

GARDENDALE, AL (WBRC) - By Sherea Harris

GARDENDALE, AL (WBRC) - People living in one part of Gardendale say they are having a big problem with some unwanted guests. Residents say wild hogs have been invading their neighborhood off Moncrief Road.

Misti Boackle has pictures of one that was in her yard. She says it's about 100 pounds with a long nose and tusks.

Stephen Nix says he saw several of them in his yard early one morning. He's upset because they've ruined sod by digging through it looking for food.

"The City of Gardendale has an ordinance so you can't shoot a gun. So there is nothing much we really can do," said Nix. "I come out here to try to scare them off but some are really big so you got to be careful they're pretty dangerous. They can be dangerous."

Boackle says, "To see the hogs come through and you know just being uncertain of what they will do to you.  My children are afraid to play outside."

Boackle set a trap near her yard by putting food in one hoping to catch a hog.

She says she knows a farmer who would love to have some of the hogs.

Folks who drive in that area of Moncrief Road should be careful. Someone in a truck hit and killed two of hogs that were crossing the street.

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