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Kids, adults get realistic fire safety lesson

MARGARET, AL (WBRC) - People in St. Clair County got the chance Monday to see first-hand how dangerous a house fire can be.

The Margaret Fire Department held a fire safety demonstration outside of Margaret Elementary School Monday night. Firefighters set a makeshift bedroom on fire to show how fast a typical bedroom can burn, which they say is usually less than three minutes.  Firefighters also demonstrated how a home sprinkler system can dramatically reduce the damage.

Dallis Johnson, president of the Fire Marshals Association of Alabama, talked to the kids and told them it is important for them to get out of a burning house quickly and not try to go back and save their toys.

"A lot of times children are found after the fact in closets or hiding under beds and that's not going to work for them," Johnson said.

Johnson said adults should routinely practice fire drills with their children so that everyone knows how to get out of a burning house and where to meet once they do get out.

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