Cullman churches want no alcohol in city

CULLMAN, AL (WBRC) - By Sherea Harris

CULLMAN, AL (WBRC) - Churches in Cullman are coming together and gearing up for a fight.

In November, voters will choose whether or not to legalize alcohol sales. Local churches have put together a plan with hopes keeping Cullman "dry."

These church members are doing more than praying about this matter. They have come up with a campaign where they will basically do all it takes to convince people to yet again vote "no" on this wet/dry referendum. The campaign is called Celebrate Cullman, Vote No.          

There will be signs exhibited over the city. This group says they will leave well enough alone.
They don't want alcohol to be sold because they feel it will change the integrity of the city.
The church-goers say not only are they standing up for their Christian principles, but they are trying to keep people safe.

The pastor of Eastside Baptist Church says more drunk driving deaths is just one of his worries.

Pastor Ken Allen says, "It will increase violent crime, spouses being battered, and children being abused. Crime will increase as a result if we go wet."

Heatherly Johnson wants alcohol sales. She says,"It definitely would help Cullman get better restaurants, and compete with Gardendale and Huntsville. I think it'll be good for the economy in Cullman."

Although the folks in Cullman have voted down a "wet/dry" referendum 6 times in the past 26 years, these church-goers say they are not taking anything for granted.

They will hold an "anti-alcohol sales" rally real soon and they plan to work hard in the next 4 weeks getting the word out about the "vote no" campaign.

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