Cullman to vote on alcohol sales again

CULLMAN, AL (WBRC) - By Emily Luxen

CULLMAN, AL (WBRC) - Residents in Cullman are preparing to once again vote on legalizing alcohol sales in the city. The city clerk has verified more than enough signatures to get the wet/dry referendum on the ballot.

The issue has sparked strong reactions from residents for many years. Since 1984, the issue has come up for a vote 6 times, defeated every time.
Supporters say alcohol sales will bring more money into the city, while opponents claimed it will only bring crime and problems into the community.

"Having lived here and raised children here, I know we have a low crime rate, we don't have all the influences alcohol brings," said opponent June Brooks.

"People go from Cullman to go to Arab to get drinks," said supporter Josh Keaton, "They are going to drink anyway. So why not make it so we can have a bar here, or alcohol stores to help the economy."

The election will be November 2.

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