Gubernatorial candidate Bentley tours Trinity hospital site

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - A Republican candidate for governor has high praise for Trinity Medical Center's relocation to the digital hospital on 280.
On Wednesday, Robert Bentley toured the building along with Trinity Medical Center officials.

Earlier this month, a state medical regulatory agency okayed the move. Brookwood and St. Vincent hospitals continue to oppose the project believing it will hurt their medical operations.

Bentley says he is not taking sides but says the relocation will have a huge economic boom for the area. "Not only will we have the hospital, we're building other facilities. We are talking about using all of this campus here. To expand it to use it for medical meetings and all types of meeting," said Bentley.

Trinity CEO Keith Granger tells FOX6 News Brookwood and St. Vincent's may still try to legally challenge the relocation. Granger says within the next 30 days they should be able to announce timetable for getting the hospital up and running.

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