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Editorial: State of Public Education

The following is an editorial from FOX6 WBRC-TV General Manager Lou Kirchen, first aired on Tuesday, September 28, 2010:

The state of public education…the issues…the President's take…the very sad statistics…have been all over the news.  

In fact, those statistics include a public high school graduation rate of only 70% and that 65% of prison inmates are high school dropouts.

For decades, the U.S. has had a proud record of leadership on many fronts.  And…then there is public education and it's disappointing report card.  Our students rank behind several developing nations in math and science.

Our current President wants to have thousands of new math and science teachers in the classroom in two years.   We should ask…will they be qualified and fairly compensated?

Our former President implemented the "No Child Left Behind" program.  Statistics show we have…in fact…left millions of children behind.   

Is government capable of creating and implementing effective primary and secondary education programs?  

How do we turn this around?  Certainly, excellent teachers and involved, committed parents are key…but where is OUR passion for making sure all children have the education they'll need to compete and flourish in a changing world?

What do you think?  

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