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JeffCo treasurer forced to turn money over

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - A judge has decided the Jefferson County treasurer must turn over more than $20 million she has been holding from giving to the county commission.

Jefferson County Circuit Court Judge Joseph Boohaker issued a ruling Tuesday afternoon, demanding county treasurer Jennifer Champion turn over more than $20 million she had withheld from the county commission.

The Jefferson County Commission sued Champion to force her to release the money. Champion refused to do so because she wanted to first know how the commission planned to spend it.

Attorneys representing the commission and treasurer Jennifer Champion met Monday morning for a hearing before Judge Boohaker.  Attorneys for the commission claimed Champion was illegally holding up almost $25 million due to the county.

Champion claimed she has the right to question how the commission spends the money.

Before Tuesday's ruling, Champion did release $3 million to help the county make payroll as requested in Monday's hearing.

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