School systems investigating derogatory language at game

MOUNTAIN BROOK, AL (WBRC) - By Sherea Harris

MOUNTAIN BROOK, AL (WBRC) - An investigation is underway after an incident at a football game last Thursday night between Mountain Brook and Homewood. Some Mountain Brook spectators reportedly yelled out derogatory and profane comments to Homewood High band members.

Parents and band members say the incident happened during the halftime show.

They say racial slurs were included in the remarks by those spectators.

While Homewood High School officials didn't reveal any details, band members tell me some Mountain Brooks fans used the "N" word in the remarks directed towards the band members.  

It left students concerned about their safety while at the Mountain Brook High School stadium.

In a written statement, Mountain Brook High School's Principal Paul Wilson says, "We are working closely with the administration of Homewood High School investigating reports of inappropriate comments made from spectators…We deeply regret that our neighbors, especially students, have been made to feel uncomfortable."

"They were told all the "N" 's need to get off the field," said Homewood High School band member, Steven Craig.

"It was really surprising because I know a lot of people are still racist but just I've never really been around it," said Homewood High School band member Jordan Ochoa.

"Not sure if it's true or who it was who said it, Mountain Brook parent Katie Thagard. "It just has no  place in our community or children's sports."
The band members who spoke to FOX6 News say the incident left one African-American colorguard member in tears.

We've learned that after the incident Thursday night  Mr. Wilson apologized to Homewood High's band staff and assured them the matter would be investigated until it's resolved.

In Wilson's statement, he also says the school takes seriously efforts to make people feel safe and welcome at school events.

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