AG Troy King lashes out at Governor Riley, BP

MONTGOMERY, AL (WBRC) - The war of words continues between Alabama's governor and attorney general. This time, Attorney General Troy King lashed out at Governor Bob Riley.

The two men have strongly disagreed on how the state should get compensated by BP.  On Thursday the state's $146 million claim filed by Riley was denied. BP and the governor say it is all King's fault.

Some very harsh words for both Governor Riley and BP were made at a press conference held by Troy King on Friday morning. It was a response to Governor Riley's decision to cut school funding after BP denied his $146 million claim. BP and Riley blame the denial on a lawsuit filed by King against the oil company.

King called BP dishonest and pointed to the fact that other Gulf States that do not have suits out against BP have not had their claims paid either. During the conference, King spoke directly to BP, because his efforts to work with Riley have been unsuccessful. He told the company it should be ashamed for using Riley and exploiting Alabama. King said the company manipulated the governor into protecting its interest.

"Governor Riley has chosen to negotiate with you from a position of weakness" said King during the press conference. "The governor seems unable to see beyond the end of the few months left in his term in office and has approached you as a panhandler begging for crumbs. In fact, the governor became complicit in helping you avoid paying with his desperate grab for money."

King says he will not drop his lawsuit against Bp because it is the only sure way to get compensated. He also said he refuses to quote "sell out his children" by agreeing with the cuts in school funding.

We put in a call to Governor Riley's office to get a response to King's statement.  They said they would likely respond later in the day.

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