BP finishes relief well to ruptured well

GULF OF MEXICO (WBRC) - BP has completed a critical step needed to permanently seal that blown-out well in the Gulf of Mexico.
Overnight, engineers say they completed drilling a relief well beneath the floor of the gulf and have joined it with the blown out well. The next step will be for BP to pump tons of mud and cement down through the relief well to seal the ruptured well.

In July, BP was able to stop the oil leak, but the blown-out well cannot be declared dead until it is sealed from the bottom. BP hopes to have everything complete by Sunday.

BP has also ended a project it started shortly after the oil spill. The Vessel of Opportunity program hired coastal boats to look for oil in Alabama, Florida and Mississippi. It continues in Louisiana on a scaled back basis because oil is still hitting the shore.     

BP says almost 3,500 boats took part in the program which cost the oil company about $500 million.

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