Judge schedules fairness hearing for occupational tax settlement

JEFFERSON COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Jefferson County taxpayers may be another step closer to getting that occupational tax refund.

The county agreed to a settlement in recent weeks. Part of that settlement bars the county from going after a retro-active tax. Instead, the county receives a set amount of money. Some taxpayers could question that portion of the settlement. That prompted Judge David Rains to schedule a fairness hearing in which taxpayers can voice their opinion.

"That will give everybody the addresses and websites and phone numbers they'll need to contact get all the documents so everyone can review any and everything the lawyers and court has done so they can air their opinion and put in their two cents worth," said plaintiff's attorney Jim McFerrin.

Those notifications will appear in newspapers as well as on the internet.

The date of that hearing will likely be in late November or early December.

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