Your Internet postings could compromise your safety

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - By Sherea Harris

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - A growing number of people are members of a social networking site. Sometimes,  those very people share too much information.....information that can get them in to a lot of trouble.

Posting too much information can compromise your safety, identity, or cost you your job.

I spoke to an expert who says people have become way to comfortable and trusting on these sites, which causes some major problems for themselves.

Gary Warner is an expert in computer forensics at UAB. He says sites like Facebook and Twitter are great places for information.

Some things he says you should not do include posting your home address because it makes it easy for anyone looking to harm you.

Also posting vacation plans can be dangerous. It lets burglars know when you're away.

Profiles can also reveal password clues for crooks to hack into your online accounts. Things like posting your birthday or hometown could lead to identity theft. Posting certain pictures can cause big problems because employers are now checking up on applicants on these sites.

"They go on the Facebook, find their Twitter accounts and see what they've been talking about," said Warner.  If you have a professional person talking about drug use or see them at parties wasted in photos on Facebook maybe this is isn't the kind of person you want working for you."

Kristyn Burks says, "I do tend to put pictures up sometimes maybe that I shouldn't put on there."

Eric West says, "I don't really put anything about what I do all day. I know some people do."

Here's another no-no. Gary Warner says if you buy something valuable, don't post it on Facebook or Twitter because that can make you a target of crime. Just keep in mind your personal life instantly becomes "public" on these sites.

Changing your privacy settings on Facebook can help keep strangers from seeing what you're posting.

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