Victoryland: No need for task force to raid us

By Alan Collins

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Officials at Victoryland say there is no need for the governor's anti-gambling task force to raid its facility because there is no electronic bingo there.

Mark White, attorney for Victoryland owner Milton McGregor, said Wednesday the task force cannot just show up and raid the facility.

"There is no electronic bingo going on at Victoryland," White said. "Consequently there is no need for anyone to disturb our business operation or continue to threaten us."

The task force tried to raid and seize thousands of electronic bingo machines at the Macon County facility in January. A Macon County judge issued an injunction stopping a raid but Judge Tom Young lifted the injunction Tuesday.

"I'm not going answer what we are going to do, when we are going to do it, or how we are going to do it," John Tyson, Task Force Commander said. "Just know we are going to do it. We will move when we are ready."

White insists Tyson will need to have a court order or search warrant. Tyson says that is not necessarily true.

"In some incidences that might involve getting a search warrant and in the other incidents it may not involve getting a search warrant," Tyson said.

Victoryland officials are worried about possible violence if there is raid. White says the facility has a plan in place if the task force shows up without a court order.  

"Our plan will include asking the appropriate law enforcement office to protect our property, the same any citizen would do in their house," White said.

Tyson says there has not been any violence in any of the raids of the task force in past.

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