Stillman College allows students to rent textbooks

By Kelvin Reynolds

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - This year Stillman College students can get textbooks at bargain prices. This fall, the school started a textbook rental program.

"You're paying one price that you would pay for one book and you're getting at least 5 books at one price," says Johnnie Lee Williams Jr., a history major.

School administrators wanted a way to put books in students as soon as possible. School spokeswoman Veronica Clark tells FOX6 News, "The college is absorbing the cost of what it takes to run this program. We feel in the long run it will benefit us tremendously because we will be able to retain our students because they are doing well in their classes."

Student pay a flat $250 fee per semester that's part of their enrollment cost. That allows them to get books from the school bookstore.

Initially some students like Kiara Furlow were skeptical.

"I was concerned maybe there wouldn't be books, enough books for everyone", said Furlow.

But after looking at the money they're likely to save by renting instead of buying, Stillman College students feel more confident in the program.

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