Editorial: On Your Side

The following is an editorial from FOX6 WBRC-TV General Manager Lou Kirchen, first aired on Tuesday, September 7, 2010:

At WBRC, we talk about being "On Your Side"…, but it's not just what we talk about…it's who we are…it's our brand.   For years, we've been committed to solving problems for our viewers.   We get so many calls, emails and letters every week, asking for our help that it's been a real challenge for Ronda Robinson, our "On Your Side" reporter to respond to everyone.
Well, we just got some more help!  It's called, "Call For Action"…a group of volunteers who work with us from 9 am to 3 pm Monday thru Friday, taking calls from 11am to 1pm each weekday, listening to your concerns with the goal of helping you get answers to your questions and solutions to your problems.  

Is it working?  You bet.  In August alone, 180 cases were opened and 73 of those were closed.  46 of the cases were either partially or completely solved. Those numbers don't include calls where a viewer simply wants a phone number, website information or needs a referral to another agency.

"Call For Action" was launched just a few weeks ago and we expect the numbers to continue to grow.   It's another way we prove we're here to serve…We're on your side.

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