Labor Day not relaxing for those with two jobs

HOMEWOOD, AL (WBRC) - Labor Day was a day of rest and relaxation for many people, but some are forced to work not one, but two jobs because of the economy.

People like Susan Williams who has worked two jobs for the last year. Williams works full-time at the CVS pharmacy in Homewood. She also works part time at the Piggly Wiggly next door.

Williams says the extra job has helped with her bills. "Because a lot of people don't have jobs at all. A lot of people are looking for one, so I am grateful," said Williams when asked about her motivation to work a second job.

Mickey Gee, a marketing professor at UAB, says even with a second job, some part-time employment still does not pay enough to cover expenses. "Sometimes, when you have 2 jobs, you find they are not really high paying jobs. They are low paying jobs that some people don't want to take those low paying jobs," said Gee. "More power to those people who step up and do it and take care of themselves."

Gee also says because of the slow economic recovery, many people are getting second jobs for insurance just in case they are laid off.

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