Dr. Robert Bentley and Ron Sparks campaign at Anthill State Park

MCCALLA, AL (WBRC) - While most Alabamians enjoyed a day off, both of the men hoping to be the state's next governor worked the campaign trail Monday.

Dr. Robert Bentley and Ron Sparks spent the afternoon at Tannehill State Park in McCalla. The men spoke at different ends of the park with different crowds; Sparks at a union-organized Labor Day picnic, Dr. Bentley at a MoonPie-eating contest.

Both said the #1 issues for voters is the #1 issue on the nation's mind this holiday, jobs. "It is, absolutely," Dr. Bentley said. "Jobs is the #1 issue, that's what we're gonna concentrate on 100% when we're in Montgomery."

"Not only people have lost their jobs, but they're concerned about keeping the one they got," Sparks said. "And we gotta turn things around, we've gotta fight for the working man and woman in Alabama."

Each candidate promises a laser-like focus on creating jobs, but pledge different approaches. Sparks is promoting a $1.4 billion dollar road plan he says would create 38,000 jobs and help rebuild the state's infrastructure. "Anything to get the economy moving, anything to create jobs. People don't have jobs in this state. I've got a plan to create jobs in this state, and I think that's what people wanna hear from us is jobs."

But Dr. Bentley says tax cuts and targeted stimulus to private companies is the way to put the unemployed back to work. "I'm tired of the federal government telling us what to do. I wanna do things at the state level, and we can do that. As governor we're gonna start immediately creating jobs and giving stimulus dollars from the state level to private industry, let private industry create, that's who's gonna create jobs."

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